Lorn Rose Farm Open Day 2023

On Sunday, 20th August 2023, we participated in the Lorn Rose Farm Wedding Open Day.

We were very excited to participate in an open day at Lorn Rose Farm cause; it's just a stunning venue and very close to our stables.

I had been there for a photo shoot for another business many years ago. I was excited to see the Cinderella Arrival Carriage and Horses, providing little Carriage Ride Loops up and down the gorgeous Tree-Lined Driveways. It was something out of a fairytale.


Are you planning a wedding at one of the following Wedding Venues?

These venues are so close to our stables that we would drive our beautiful horses and Cinderella carriage from our stables. You could get ready at our stables for ceremonies and receptions at these locations at no additional cost to your day.


2023 Hunter Valley Wedding Fair at Rydges Resort Hunter Valley

Sunday, 30th July 2023, Cinderella Arrivals participated in the Hunter Valley Wedding Fair at Rydges Resort Hunter Valley.

We had a marquee set up as a departure lounge, and our team gave carriage rides around the resort, focusing on showing guests the Aero Logistics helicopter and Rydges Resort Ceremony Sites.

We gave away a FREE Styling Upgrade at this event, included in the Hunte Valley Wedding Fair Lucky Door Raffle. We also held a draw at our departure lounge, where you needed to complete an online form, load a selfie with our carriage and tag us on a public social outlet so that we could see it. The draw will be on Sunday, 6th August 2023, to allow our guests plenty of time to upload photos.Cinderella Arrivals had the absolute pleasure of being a part of Coco Blush Boutique and Wilde Collective Photography's Little Princess Photoshoots that happened over the weekend.

Little Princess Photo Shoots with Wilde Collabative & Coco Blush Boutique

Cinderella Arrivals had the absolute pleasure of being a part of Coco Blush Boutique and Wilde Collective Photography's Little Princess Photoshoots that happened over the weekend.

The Cinderella Carriage provided a unique and luxurious backdrop for these little princesses, modelling the new Coco Blush Boutique Dress Collection, and wow, they looked divine.

Wilde Collective Photography styled our epic Carriage, and didn't it look beautiful? It was just perfect for these little princesses' photo shoots.

Scone Horse Week Parade 2023

Mothers Day 2022 was the Scone Horse Week parade, part of the yearly Scone Horse Week Festival. I went for a look and was like when my carriage arrives, I want to be a part of it.

April 17, 23 I put in our application to be a part of the WARBURTON ESTATE AGENTS SCONE HORSE FESTIVAL PARADE to be held on Saturday, 6th May 2023, was themed "Kings and Queens of the Stables."

I just knew I had to be there. Seriously couldn't miss being a part of the Kings & Queens Themed Street Parade.

Chapel Ridge

A friend in passing was like have you seen Chapel Ridge? I haven't heard of it, and while that wasn't surprising, I tend to live in a bubble of my horses, family and farm. So I looked it up, and man, it's beautiful and exactly what I had pictured for this photoshoot. I reached out, and while the availability was tight, it would cost us. Then as I started crunching numbers and locking it all in, my budget fell short, my photographer was no longer available, the horse wrangler had to work back at his regular job, and my mock bride got covid. So I pushed it, as it wasn't meant to be, not to mention a tough ask the week of Christmas.

The new year came around, and I made an appointment & trekked the 1 and 1/2 hours to see Chapel Ridge in person. And while I have decided not to take the horses so far away for our photo shoot, I can see us in our epic black Cinderella carriage and pair of black horses driving up to the sandstone brick chapel.